RMD provides the following professional


(plus just about any other services you can

think of).


·       Painting (Interior and Exterior)

·       Remodeling

o  Kitchens

o  Bathrooms

o  Basements

o  Other rooms


·       Cleaning

o  Carpet

o  Windows

o  Walls

o  Blinds

o  Rain gutters


·       Repair

o  Blinds

o  Shutters

o  Screens

o  Sprinkler systems

o  Rain gutters


·       Pressure Washing

·       Staining wood fences and decks

·       Landscaping

o  Sprinkler systems

o  Gardens

§  Vegetable

§  Flower

·       Tile

·       Rubbish removal

·       Snow removal

·       Putting up and taking down holiday decorations


RMD Professional Painting and Handyman Services offers

several unique financing options:


·       Save 10% when you bundle three or more services together.


·       Several financing options.  30% to 50% upon signing

contract and:


o  10% savings if you pay when the work is finished

o  Full price if you pay within 90 days

 (or in the home sells, whichever happens first)

o Finance the unpaid balance for up to two years


Call today for a free quote. 

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